With so many different kinds of food and treats available, it's becoming increasingly difficult to ensure your dog is getting the right nutrition.

This product is aimed at the gut to make sure the balances are maintained and healthy. 

When the gut is looked after, there is no body system that can't benefit.

Coats are more shiny, motions are better,

our dogs are so much happier and feed conversion benefits as well.

This product is being used in pets and show animals and racing animals and the benefits of GT Performer are very hard to ignore!

GT Performer is all natural, made and formulated by a practicing Vet of over 30 years, highly available and extremely affordable.

We only put the best into our product so you get the best results.

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Dr. Geoff Tyre B.V.S.c

Do you know the symptoms of poor gut health?

Some of the very common signs are:

  • Dry and flakey nails, Dry and dull coat, skin conditions weight not reflective of what is being fed gassy and smellier than usualloose stools/motions

One of the main causes is stress. Anything from major events like surgery and antibiotics or something as simple as a change in diet or routine can stress a dog. This stress can lead to an inbalance in the gut and a domino effect on your dogs health.


Every creature has a microbiome. This microbiome is a very specific makeup of good and bad bacteria in the gut and it is as specific and individual as a thumbprint.

GT Performer works with your dogs microbiome to assist proper balance and gut function.


Why give your dog harsh chemicals that could cause side effects when you can give them the natural alternative that can have long lasting benefits instead.


GT Performer is not a band aid fix. It is a year round supplement designed to look after your dogs digestive health every day of the year and is cost effective and highly palatable.


GT Performer is made by a practicing Veterinarian with a passion for Gut Health.

Trust a Vet with your dogs health, Trust GT Performer.

Benefits you may notice:
  • Less smelly/gassy dog

  • Appetite and healthy weight gain return

  • Glossier, shiner coats

  • Stronger Nails thanks to the biotin enriched formula

  • Skin conditions start to dissapear

  • Happier, less anxious behaviour

  • Healthier Motions

  • Better nutrient absorbtion and Bioavailability

  • Better mood and attitude

  • Better trainability and concentraion due to less gut discomfort

… Just to name a few

More reasons to love GT Performer
  • All Natural

  • Non- Toxic

  • Non swabbing (For competition dogs)

  • safe to use and residue free

  • Highly Palatable appetite enhancer

  • Cost effective

  • Long lasting benefits

  • Made by a practicing Veterinarian of over 30 years

  • Australian made and owned so you are supporting local business

When the gut is functioning properly, every body system within the dog can benefit.


GT Performer Canine is a powerful synbiotic supplement, meaning it contains extremely specific strains of Prebiotics and Probiotics for optimal results.


We believe GT Performer is the answer to the Gut health questions you have been asking. Why not take the GT Performer challenge and see the benefits for yourself?