What is Unique about GT Performer?

Unlike other products, GT performer contains no molasses or fillers. Its unique combination of prebiotics and probiotics provides a natural non - swabbing supplement for your horse.  It is fast becoming a popular choice amongst horse owners who want to improve their horses gut health and overall well being.

GT Performer is an exciting new product for the horse industry designed by a Veterinarian Dr. Geoff and  incorporating advice from an equine nutritionist within the feed industry. It is non - swabbable, totally natural and has been tested on horses and ponies as breeders, performance,show and pony clubbers.
Amazing coats, great hooves, body condition, top line, attitude and performance are just some of the benefits we have seen in our practice.
It includes an enriched nutrient base, appetite stimulant enhanced with vitamins, prebiotics and patented hindgut probiotic additives that we believe together work in balanced synergy to help to assist effect the best possible outcome for your horse or pony.
This is an holistically beneficial preparation for the entire horse not a pharmaceutical treating one complaint at a time.
It can assist in digestive tract function, in particular the fermentative processes of the hind gut.
Recent scoping studies have indicated up to 90% incidence of gut ulceration in pleasure and performance horses.
In nature, horses and ponies eat small amounts of pasture for 16 to 18 hours a day . Modern feeding usually comprises dry food and concentrates fed once or twice daily. This can cause digestive and psychological problems due to long periods of exposure to gut acids without the neutralizing benefit of saliva and bicarbonate and moist ingesta passing through. As a result gas, impaction, diarrhea and ulcers can occur with associated behavioral changes including.

Girth pride

Crib chewing





Poor coat

Cracking/ flaky hooves

Poor body condition in relation to what is being fed

Hardly any topline

Bad/unfocused attitude

can all arise from an unhealthy gut with too many lactic acid producing bacteria.
Lactic acid bacteria are often associated with laminitis, colic and tying up. Prebiotics trap and remove acid producing bacteria from the gut.
NO pollard, fillers or molasses have been incorporated in this product. The cool energy of this feed is further enhanced by better fermentation and resultant B group vitamin production which along with the B group addition to the mix directly means performance horses can better work to their genetic potential with a more focussed attitude re cool head. It's not just for ridden mounts either,nervous youngsters through to mares in foal to sick or aged horses needing more from their diet means it proves to be a wonderful additive.
There is no body system within the horse that does not benefit from good hindgut health "you are what you eat" and I hope GT Performer enriches your equine pursuits.

The story behind GT Performer

Horses are our passion and they always have been. Most people who know our family, know this.

Dr Geoffrey Tyre is a practicing Veterinarian of over 30 years who aimed to try for the olympics in his discipline of choice, Eventing, However, chose to study vet science instead. Judy, His wife has shown horses and cattle all her life and their children chose showing with their horses.

GT Performer was created when we lost a horse of our own. His Name was Darren. He developed severe colic and nothing could be done to save him. It was then that we started looking into WHY.

Why did this happen? What could have been done to prevent this? What was on the market to help. The answer… Nothing

So in 2105, Dr Geoff started searching for answers, He sat quietly at events and just watched. He watched, he talked to owners and he noticed alot of horses looked moody, uncomfortable, dull and anxious.

What could be done to fix it that would be a year round maintenance product that is safe to use at shows and events.


At that moment, GT PERFORMER was born.

GT Performer is much more than a product that can help horses conditioning, topline and develop a glossy coat. It can help in so many ways.

Did you know that the majority (70%) of the horses immunity is developed in the Digestive system?

A disruption in a horse's intestinal flora as a result of stress, change in food, malnourishment, disease, antibiotics or medication can significantly diminish the amount of good intestinal flora, which allows the bad bacteria to dominate the intestines. This is a gradual process that is usually unnoticed until symptoms become visible.


These symptoms may include:
• Decreased appetite
• Performance/condition not reflective of the amount of feed being consumed
• Colic symptoms
• crib-biting, wind-sucking, weaving
• Hindgut ulcers
• Slower recovery from exercise and tying-up
• Increased susceptibility to laminitis and colic
• Reduced performance
• may constantly shift weight between hind legs when standing in stall/standing still

• often reactive to palpation in flank area, especially on right side
• often reactive when saddled and may kick out when girth is tightened
or checked

• may seem generally irritable and not wanting to be handled or groomed

We are constantly placing our horses under stress. Why not give them every chance of filling their genetic potential from the inside out by feeding them GT Performer?

For $1.85 per day (based on a dose of one cup per day), GT Performer can help to achieve the following

*Better feed conversion

*Better nutrient uptake

*Better Concentration

*Better Attitude

*More free flowing movement

*Better focus and trainability

*Better gut function

*Better coat and hooves

*Better appetite


GT Performer can assist to heal your horse from the inside out. The powerful prebiotic and probiotic combination can have a powerful effect on your horse's digestive system.  This is why it is fast becoming the most talked about feed supplement available.

An acidic hindgut can reduce feed conversion and nutrient uptake by up to 50 percent. This is why despite using a high quality feed regime you may not get the desired high level performance you require or the weight gain you may desire.

GT performer can help improve hindgut health and dramatically improve feed conversion, nutrient uptake and vitamin production.

This is so important particularly in times of drought and poorer quality hay which many of us are experiencing at the moment. We want our horses to get the maximum benefit out of their feed.

This improved feed conversion is why people are reporting being able to reduce their feed bills since using GT Performer and experiencing other wonderful results.

Why Prebiotics & Probiotics?
GT Performer is a prebiotic and probiotic. It is designed to increase the good bacteria in the gut.


There are good reasons to add Prebiotics and Probiotics as a regular, daily supplement for horses in general. One is to constantly introduce helpful bacteria into the digestive system.

GT Performer contains probiotics that are especially designed to withstand the stomach acid and make it to the hindgut


The Digestive System
The large intestine of the horse has adapted to become elongated, complicated and convoluted to allow time for satisfactory fermentation to occur. Modern diets mean less fibre intake less time chewing and a decrease in saliva. This product helps stabilize and stimulate the fermentation in the hindgut thus maximising the use of roughage in the ration and reducing digestive problems. It helps reduce lactic acid "bad" bacteria by helping to assist "good" bacteria to outcompete them and a binder within the preparation to help remove them from the digestive tract.


The horse is unique because most of their feed digestion occurs in the hindgut through fermentation with the help of healthy bacteria. The amount of naturally occurring good bacteria can be drastically altered as a result of  stress, illness, changes in diet, over use of antibiotics  leading to hind gut acidosis. This can lead to catastrophic consequence even death in extreme cases. GT Performer has prebiotics and probiotics designed to assist and increase the good bacteria which outcompete the bad.


Most of the digestion of a horses feed occurs in the hindgut through the process of fermentation with the help of billions of naturally occurring bacteria and protozoa
(together known as microbes).

Energy producing volatile fatty acids, amino acids, and B vitamins are a result of this fermentation process. Proper gut function ensures this important process is maintained.

GT Performer helps to assist in increasing digestibility of fibre, reducing lactic acid accumulation and restoring and maintaining healthy pH in the hindgut, ultimately it can assist improving the overall health of the horse.

The equine digestive system is separated into two sections:

1. Foregut
(esophagus, stomach and small intestine)


and the


2. Hindgut
(large intestine)

 An acidic hindgut may result in ulcers and discomfort for the horse .