This ground breaking product is made by a trusted veterinarian with over 30 years experience. It contains what we believe to be, the most powerful and effective mix of pre and probiotics available. We use the best base feed we can find in conjunction to our mix and horses love it!. We find horses will actively look for it in their feed, making GT Performer one of the easiest, efficient and cost effective gut health supplements on the market today.

Years of research have gone into this product and the results on horses of all disciplines are phenomenal.

GT Performer is all natural and non-swabbing meaning it is safe for all disciplines, and extremely effective in reducing hindgut acidity and can assist both nutrient production and absorption.

It’s safe to use throughout the year and is extremely cost effective. Up to 80% of performance horses have some type of digestive discomfort. With this in your feeding program, you can be confident you are helping the horses in your care. Serious horse professionals are choosing GT Performer for their horse’s digestive needs and comfort.

Every horse and every body system within the horse can benefit from GT Performer.

What is GT Performer?

Our GT Performer Prebiotic and Probiotic formulation works by getting straight to the digestive system and helping to rebuild the mucosal lining & beneficial gut flora. At the same time, the prebiotic is designed to strip out the unnecessary bad bacteria whilst encouraging gut balance.

Horses appear happier and healthier and the results on the outside are unable to be ignored. Shinier coats, horses are happier to work, appetites are stimulated and hoof growth appears strengthened.

How does it work?

In the natural environment a horse eats for 16 to 18 hours a day with constant fibre and beneficial, naturally occurring salivary bi carb being ingested and passed through the gut neutralising the acid in the digestive system. In captivity, we are often unable to recreate the natural habitat for our horses so the use of GT Performer is recommended as it assists in recreating that effect in an all-natural formulation.

When scoped, an average 80% of performance horses have gastric ulcers, but intestines and hindgut do to. On concentrate diets not all carbohydrates/starch are digested in the foregut but overflow into the hindgut feeding lactic acid producing bacteria which can cause ulcers and a poorly absorptive gut wall.

GT Performer can assist in stabilising the microbes of the hindgut so the beneficial bacteria can proliferate resulting in a reduction of hindgut acidosis allowing normal fermentation and digestion to resume.

Immunity and anti-inflammatory effects of beta glucans can assist the Vitamin B in reducing stress on the horse and promoting healing of the mucosal lining of the gut where up to 70% of the horse’s immunity comes from.

The science behind GT Performer
What is the difference between the two products?
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GT Performer Elite

The facts:

  • GT Performer Elite uses our proclaimed GT Performer as a base and adds essential amino acids. These amino acids are basic building blocks for protein, which is used in a majority of the horse’s vital processes.

  • Different combinations of Amino acids  form different proteins needed for different uses within the horse. They can be used for everything from muscle repair, tissue repair, improved energy to general body functions.

  • Amino acids are available to horses in their feed or the body has the ability to make  them.

  • For a horse to make the proteins it needs, the proteins in the feed must be broken down to get the amino acids and use them where needed. By feeding Amino Acids, we are ultimately speeding up the process for the horse to use these amino acids where they are required which can mean quicker recoveries and healing from strenuous exercise or even injury.

  • With added Amino Acids, GT Performer Elite is designed for high level performance horses needing the extra nutritional help to perform at higher levels of competition.

How much do I feed?





Weanlings/small ponies under 12hh

½ scoop


Ponies 12hh to 14.2hh

1 scoop


Horses 14.2hh – 16hh

1.5 scoops


Horses 16hh +

2 scoops


Broodmares under 15hh

1 scoop


Broodmares over 15hh

2 scoops


* All buckets and sachets come with scoops

How long does it last?

On an average dose, the bucket and concentrates should last around 50 days.

GT Performer is designed for year round usage and is safe to double dose when first starting the product. It is safe for horses of all ages and in all disciplines.

Administration is easy, Just pop a scoop in the horse’s feed. GT Performer is highly palatable and horses love the taste. There is a reason professionals are using GT Performer. Take the GT Performer challenge and see the results for yourself. Results generally build over a 3 week period but most see a noticeable difference in the horses much sooner.


It’s a highly palatable appetite enhancer. We have added all important prebiotics and probiotics to assist in benefiting:

  • Establishing proper gut function

  • Preventing and healing ulcers

  • Enhancing coat and hoof condition

  • Improving appetite

  • Improving attitude

  • Increasing nutrient uptake

  • Increasing vitamin production and mineral uptake

  • Reducing factors for laminitis and colic

With the added benefits of being:

ü  Non swabbing

ü  All Natural


ü  Australian Made & Owned

ü  Highly powerful formulation

ü  Designed for year round usage

ü  Safe for all disciplines

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When comparing Gt Performer with other p
Where can I purchase GT Performer?

We now have distributors Australia wide and, for your convenience, we have an online store right here. Click on the bucket below to take you there.